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Multifaceted Visual Artist, Photography, Production, Direction, and Curation
Digital & Film Fine Art Photography

Based in New Orleans, LA (Willing to travel)

Kimberly Ha is an artist who draws inspiration from high fashion, old films, and car magazines, creating dreamy photographs that transport viewers into a captivating cinematic realm of her own making. Her unique style seamlessly blends ethereal beauty with raw authenticity, evident in the realistic and intimate portraits she captures of her diverse muses. With a versatile portfolio spanning editorial and documentary photography and videos, Ha's talent extends to producing compelling visual narratives for both local and international brands. Trust Ha to visually narrate your next story with her artistic prowess and imaginative vision.

I've worked with


Door Dash / Butter Goods / Cash Only / MOFILM /

USE Hair Care / Raire Label / Mad Nails / Jet Life Records

Chocolate Skateboards / Bonfolk / Humidity Skate Shop

Radical Joy / Iris 1956 / VisitNewOrleans / New Orleans & Company/ Tilit/ Nike Sportswear/ ONA Creative
Ace Hotel: New Orleans / 
Hungry Eyes New Orleans
Chef Nini Nguyen / 
Essence Festival: Beauty Con 


"Off GP" in the creative world refers to a spontaneous and uninhibited approach to creating, untethered by rigid guidelines or specific objectives. It embodies a free-flowing, intuitive process driven by personal exploration and experimentation, rather than external demands or commercial considerations. While it may seem like acting on a whim, "Off GP" encourages creators to tap into their raw instincts, unlocking unique and innovative ideas that might not arise through conventional methods. While this approach may not always lead to practical or marketable outcomes, it allows for a deeper connection with one's creativity, fostering authentic and unexpected results. In simpler terms, Kim does it Off GP!

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